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I took this course to have a successful relaunch, and successful it was! I am now in week 2 of my relaunch and I am more clearer than ever before. Reaching all of my goals not just the monetary ones. So happy I took this course. It was worth it.

Beyond Grateful

I’ve been at this “ launching” stage for about 3 years now. Tried and failed. Paid thousands to help with it, failed. Stopped and revamped, continued to take courses, most helpful but also irrelevant. This year paid some business coach to help launch, get marketing together, just to guide me on what I need to be doing. When I say I learned more during those three days that I have with the paid help I’ve been receiving these past few months, and in the past. All this time I have been stuck because I lacked the knowledge. Just like that , Jance changed everything for me. I was afraid at first because I felt like I wasted thousands of dollars already on people who really wasn’t helping. However, I’m glad I took a chance on myself, and invested in a REAL PROGRAM. My thinking has completely shifted , and now I know how to position myself. I am forever grateful for you Jance, you will forever be blessed because of how you pour unto others. I hope that we can one day foster a business friendship and mentor.
Blessing unto you 👏🏾

WORTH EVERY $ AND MORE- It gave what in needed to give PLUS MORE

I don't even know where to start. WOW! would be my first expression because that's just how I felt when Jance was going through the content for this Bootcamp. I didn't expect all that was poured out to us. She is truly a giver and wants to see people win. No teases, no leaving you wondering how do I do this or that. She laid it all out in this Bootcamp. I had launched my store way before finding Jance and found myself just where she was in year 1 of her business. I am grateful I came across this because now I can restructure and actually relaunch with a solid foundation and strategy for growth. Thank you for this Bootcamp Jance. You surely know your stuff. I missed the very first one due to me second-guessing myself but I am so glad I took the leap and enrolled. You will not be disappointed when you sign up.

I cant wait to see all of us who took this boot camp soar! Thank you, Jance for giving us the tools to succeed.

Jance is a SOLID coach! She’s trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable! I definitely got my money’s worth. I learned so much. This course was worth the investment for sure. When I told you that you’re truly walking in your element, I meant it. You’re extremely gifted in this area. You know your stuff Jance! Best of luck to you.

Much needed

This class really helped me figure out where I needed to start and what actions I needed to take to have a successful pre launch and launch. Very informative and loaded with information.

Amazing 3 day coarse

So worth the money. This was actually a steal for all the knowledge I recieved. The group of amazing women and entrepreneurs I have met and get to engage with is priceless.For sure a no brainer must have class to take.

Too much of the same info

Hi I read surviving entrepreneurship first and when I got to how to launch a boutique I found that a lot of the same things were in the first book. I was looking for new raw material that wasn't in the first book that I read. Other than that I would have to say surviving entrepreneurship was a lot better to me because I pretty much knew a lot of the things that were in how to launch a boutique. I definitely learned a lot thank you.

Book Bundle | Limited Time Only

Book Bundle | Limited Time Only
Tiaranee Williams Kelley

Knowledgeable & Perfect

I loved it

It was a lot of information to take in. I am so happy it is recorded so I can go back and dissect each section. I follow all 3 of these ladies and it is good to see them working together. It’s amazing to see women helping others and not keep their knowledge to themselves.

A good read

Very informative! Worth every penny.

It was an amazing experience. They were all providing valuable information, I had more than 6 pages of notes! This was money well spent.

You 3 are wonderful and should really do this again! I learned plenty and I honestly feel like this was a MASTERclass. I am very very happy the money was well spent! The examples and explanations really allowed me to see my own businesses and their potential!! So much information thank you!

The Social Selling Summit
Tracy Christian

The ladies blew my mind. I loved the website reviews, Jance reiterating what we've already learned in the Accelerator and Miss Bianca - well she took us to branding college. She offered common sense practical advice that we can begin to implement today.

It was spectacular! The energy in the room was positive and uplifting. Panelist sincerely came to give us good stuff and as much as possible within the time alloted. They even stayed over to answer questions! Very informative! Very helpful! Ready to work!

These women are so giving! They came back to us with mooorrreee to give after the summit! Wonderful surprise!! We did not only get them for 6 hours of guidance and knowledge, but we also got THREE downloadable documents to help us put it all into action!!! No excuses! I'll be back with another review about how my business hit 6 figures doing what they told us to do!

The Social Selling Summit
Gabriel Williams

Highly recommend!!! I learned so much and now I'm ready to implement

I attended your summit and it was phenomenal. Like it was stuff that I didn't know. I've I'm blessed to be able to get all of the tea that I have gotten for the price.

Excellent Choice

The information presented by all three presenters was so valuable. I have over 7 pages of notes. I feel like the pieces to the puzzle will finally fit. I had many “ah ha” moments and the lightbulb finally came on. The course was 5hrs but, it was so engaging that it didn’t seem like it at all. I’m very pleased with the course information. Thanks ladies for all the knowledge you all shared.

These women are so giving

If you were not on the Social Selling Summit, you definitely missed out. When I tell you, these ladies came with gems, for days.

Wow, like mind-blowing! Everybody stayed in their perspective lanes. Everybody dropped valuable information. I mean, where could you go for the amount of time that we had our session for, which was for six hours and for the amount that we paid for to get these gems that you can actively put in place in your business and fix your business? These were action steps that you could take immediately.

If they ever hold anything like this again, I promise you need to hop on it. Don't think about it, just just do it. Because when you keep contemplating and thinking about it, you gonna be mad that you missed out.

So, with that being said, kudos to you, ladies, you did an amazing job. Thank you for all of the valuable information that you provided. I had the best time ever.

Now that I have all the necessary tools, I can Implement that into my business and I'm definitely going to keep track for 30 days just to see the results of what I've learned. So thank you so much. Make sure y'all get on the next one if they have one.

The Social Summit Is highly recommended

The Social Summit Is highly recommended. I honestly wouldn’t mind paying for it again! There were so many gems there is no way all of my notes are complete. All three ladies gave insightful information to grow and scale no matter where you are in your business.

Stop wondering & just buy the books!

I haven’t finished the books yet however I’ve been in business for over a year now and did dropshipping first. I have a Masters in Business Administration and the information so far aligns with my teaching however, it’s nice to read it from someone with experience because it puts the boutique world and business together giving it a completely different perspective. I’ve watched Jance on YouTube for a long time now and i don’t ever mind spending my money with her ever because of her expertise, her willingness to share her expertise in this industry and the numbers don’t lie. I pray that through these books and her group membership that i learn what i need to go to the next level in business.


Probably one of the best books I’ve read, honestly. Super informative. GET THIS BOOK. This book should be even more than what the price is with all the gems dropped in it. Stop wasting your money on ebooks, this one will do!

I love it

I’m very excited about my purchase and I’m so ready to get my journey started Jance is really a gem and you can tell she very passionate about teaching

Book Bundle | Limited Time Only

I love the book

Very insightful a blueprint to opening and maintaining a successful boutique. I have been following Jance for a while and I appreciate her shared wealth of knowledge she provides. Thank you Jance!