Boutique Branding Workbook

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When you first decide that you want to start a business you don’t typically start it blindly or based on no knowledge or discernment… at least I hope no one does. I’ve created this workbook to help you work through some of the pertinent details of your business such as:

  • establishing your brand identity
  • establishing your target audience
  • establishing your merchandise plan
  • establishing a social media strategy
  • checklist of things to do before launching
  • blank 7-day planner so that you can plan 7 days straight of working towards your boutique goals and hopefully establishing a routine

Within this workbook you will find 26 pages of documents for you to walk your way through which will hopefully guide you towards better understanding of your business motives. This workbook is intended to help you evaluate and discern exactly what you want to do, why you want to do, what you intend to get out of it and what you intend to provide to a particular audience.

Print it out to fill in as you go or use your own paper and jot down your answers to each prompt as you go through the workbook. I hope that you find this to be helpful!

* This is a downloadable resource. There is no physical product being shipped. NO REFUNDS.